If you have a problem to get into the Tourlina app, please follow these steps:

  • 1. Please, make sure, that you have entered your gender within your Facebook account. Tourlina is only for women.
  • 2. Make sure, that you allow cookies on your iPhone, before you try to log into the Tourlina app the first time.
  • 3. Tourlina needs the right to retrieve the requested Facebook information. If you don´t accept this, you can´t get into the app. If you denied this once, you need to go to your Facebook account. Please, do the following steps in this order:
    –> Log out of your account on Tourlina and close the Tourlina app completely on your iPhone
    –> Log in to your Facebook account
    –> Within your Facebook account go to More > Account Settings > Apps > Logged in with Facebook > Tourlina > Remove the Tourlina App.
    –> Log back into Tourlina and give all asked permissions!
  • 4. If the 3rd step does not work, please:
    –> Log out from Tourlina and close the Tourlina app completely on your iPhone
    –> After this, go to your Facebook account and change your email address within your Facebook account to another email address of yourself. This should solve it and you can get into the Tourlina app!
    –> Log back into TourlinaThe problem with your first email is a result of: you haven´t formally approved your email address within Facebook and therefore the Tourlina app can´t find an approved email and therefore, the log in is not possible


Why does Tourlina need access to your Facebook information? What is Tourlina doing with this information?

  • First name and age: are shown at your Tourlina profile
  • Last name and email address: we use this to send you emails –> NOT shown for other users!
  • “Female”: we use this as one item we check, if you are really a women
  • Picture: your main Facebook picture is shown at your Tourlina profile. If you change your profile picture within Facebook, it will be changed at Tourlina as well within the next 48 hours
  • Friends and Likes: we use this information for the matching process. If you have the same friends and/ or same likes as your matching partner, than both of you will see the common friends and likes. Otherwise, other Tourlina users can´t see your Facebook friends and likes!


If you have any kind of problems or questions, please contact us either through “Need helpon the start screen before you login the app or within the app. Alternatively, you can send an email to support “[at]” (please remove the “[ ]” – protection against spam bots)