Top 10 Things To Do In Verona

Top 10 Things To Do in Verona
Top 10 Things To Do in Verona


Verona, the city of love and the home to the star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet. Although it is not as popular as the other big cities in Italy such as Rome and Venice, there are plenty of things to do and see in Verona. A romantic city without equal, Verona has a rich history that dates back to the Roman times and one of the world’s largest Roman Amphitheaters. So really, there’s no question as to what is there to do in Verona, but what are the top 10 things to do:


Volunteer with Club di Giulietta

Verona top 10 things to do
A shot of me by the club’s photographer during my month as secretary of Juliet!

Even if you just have an hour, visit Club di Giulietta and witness the legacy that is of Juliet’s Club. Here, thousands of letters addressed to Juliet from all over the world arestored, and of course, replied to by volunteers. Although not as romantic as the movie Letters to Juliet portrayed, it is still a wonderful experience to help someone in need. If you are interested: here’s a sneak peek at the secret life of a secretary of Juliet.


Stand on Juliet’s Balcony

Verona top 10 things to do
My very own Juliet moment – as taken by my sister with no Romeo in sight

“Oh Romeo, Romeo, why art thou Romeo?” we all know the famous scene that take place on Juliet’s Balcony, and how Romeo climb up and seal her lips with a kiss. And you can recreate the scene, well, kind of, at Juliet’s House. Even though I feel obliged to tell you that the balcony is a recent installment made from a sarcophagus…

It’s still pretty romantic though!


Watch the sunset at Castiel San Pietro

Verona top 10 things to do
I don’t think anyone can get tired of this view – Verona is truly a romantic city

One of the most romantic sunset I have ever seen, the skyline of Verona from Castile San Pietra is a view that I don’t think I can ever get tired of. Verona’s buildings are all in a romantic, dusty red and pink colour. Even though the castle itself is not open for public, you can perch on the brick fence along the terrace and enjoy the view.


Watch an opera in Arena di Verona

Verona top 10 things to do
The stunning set of Aida

Every late August to September is the Verona Opera Festival, which goes back almost half a century ago. With many spectacular productions such as the iconic Aida, the sets are simply stunning and amplified by the backdrop of the arena stone steps. Ticket prices starts as low as 25 euros on the stone steps, you can enjoy a world class opera plus visit the interior of a thousands of years old monument. If this isn’t a score, I don’t know what is. Here’s some tips and expectation for visiting the Verona Opera.


Walk on Ponte Pietro

Verona top 10 things to do
A bridge that has withstood the ages

A bridge that rivals the Verona Arena in terms of history, Ponte Pietro literally translates to “stone bridge” and has been around since the Roman times. It is a scenic bridge in itself, and despite being blown up during WWII, it was reconstructed back in all its glory. This is the best place to admire the River Adige, and connects the best focaccia place to Castiel San Pietro.


Eat the cheapest focaccia

Verona top 10 things to do
The cutest focaccia place ever, period

It is not exactly a secret that dining in Europe isn’t the cheapest affair, but apparently it can be. During my month long stay in Verona, I stumbled across this cutest foaccaia that sell slices for 1 euro and pizza for 1.5 euros. And they are beyond words. It might be a lot of carbs, but you can’t beat the price and the excellent taste. For more budget eats in Verona, my budget foodie guide to Verona post is for you.


Visit Saint Zeno’s Church

Verona top 10 things to do
The beautiful and romantic church – and the likely marriage place of Romeo and Juliet

I never thought churches can look romantic, but Saint Zeno’s Romanesque architecture has definitely opened my eyes up to that possibility. A church consisted of pink stones and a rose window at the front, which represents the Wheels of Fortune. Inside, the church is split into two levels with a set of stairs leading down to the crypt, where Romeo and Juliet allegedly got married. So even though the church might be a little distance out of town, it is worth a visit.


Pay your respect at Juliet’s Tomb

Verona top 10 things to do
The much damaged tomb of Juliet

The tomb of Juliet has a longer history than Juliet House. The original site where letters to Juliet was sent, it was also a pilgrimage place where many historical figures have visited. In fact, early visitors used to chip off pieces of the pink rock for Juliet’s tomb, so much so that now it is forbidden from being touched to preserve it.

Despite my recommendation, the visit can be fairly anti climatic and you do have to pay to go inside the fresco museum, situated outside the city wall, in order to visit.


Have the best gelato in your life

Verona top 10 things to do
Grabbing an ice-cream and strolling around Verona, what could be better?

Italy is famous for its food, and gelato is among the cream of the crops. There are two gelateria in Verona that has captured my heart, one more so than the other with its white chocolate and pistachio flavor. Without further ado, the name of the Gelateria is Ballini, and this is the address: Via Santa Maria Rocca Maggiore, 4.


Ponte Vecchio / Scaliger

Verona top 10 things to do
A gothic fairytale begins…

Another bridge on the list, Ponte Vecchio looks like it comes straight out of a medieval fantasy book. It was built by the Scaliger family, the ruling elite back in the days, in the 14th century. It is on the other side of the meander bend from Ponte Pietro, and links to the Castiel Vecchio. While the castle costs money to visit, the bridge is free and it makes for some good photo. The latest Romeo and Juliet movie starring Douglas Booth had a scene that was shot here.


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Verona Top 10 things to do
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