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The most densely populated Australian city and the capital of New South Wales, Sydney is truly a sight to be seen. The high standard of living, iconic cityscapes, paradise-like beaches, diverse culture (more than 200 languages are spoken in Sydney), vibrant art scene, hip restaurants and sparkling nightlife attract thousands of new people each year. The fact that it is the home to the People magazine’s sexiest man alive in 2008 (and if you ask us, every following year as well), Hugh Jackman, does nothing but help our growing desire to spend the rest of our days in Sydney. Just in case you are still having your doubts about packing your bags, calling a moving truck and renting/buying a place in this fabulous city, here are 10 more reasons to do so.

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1. Pleasant Weather in Sydney, Australia

Considering that Sydney has more than 2,500 hours of sunshine a year, you’ll quickly get accustomed to this pleasant climate. In summer, you will be able to enjoy a temperature of about 35 degrees and clear blue skies, which makes the weather perfect for tanning throughout the year without being too hot. Be careful of the Aussie sunshine though, as you will need sunblock due to the ozone hole that makes it kinda harsh on the skin.

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2. Awesome Beaches Around Sydney, Australia

Speaking of tan, the best place to get it is at one of Sydney’s many beaches. You can choose from the crowded ones like Bondi Beach, to secluded ones like Manly Dam. Wherever you choose to go, Sydney’s stretches of sand are all marvellous. The ones you have to check as well are Bilgola, Tamarama and Long Reef (perfect for weddings by the way). This is what Aussies are known for the most, and noone can resist the charm of Sydney beaches. You should definitely try out surfing if you haven’t yet, just make sure you are accompanied by a professional. There are many surfing schools in Sydney, so you won’t waste much time searching for a good one.

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3. Not a Single Boring Day in Sydney

The cultural calendar in Sydney is so packed with various exhibitions, concerts, festivals, gigs and performances that you couldn’t possibly be bored. And there is a little something for everyone: from Good Vibrations to Harvest Festival.


4. There Are Cities Within Cities

Sydney covers more than 12,000 square kilometres and has more than 500 completely different neighbourhoods. In some suburbs, such as Eastlakes and Centennial Park, it is possible to find apartment units for sale at more affordable prices, without renouncing the benefits of living in a metropolitan city. Plus, all of these neighbourhoods have their own unique charm. The ones you should check out are The Rocks, the hipster Surry Hills and of course the Harbour area.

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5. Sydney is a Foodie Heaven

Sydney is the ideal city for a person with intrepid taste buds. The multiculturalism of the city has contributed to a very diverse food scene, so it doesn’t matter if you are into Chinese food, Vietnamese specialties, freshly-cooked seafood or French delights – Sydney has got you covered. There is also a big Greek and Italian community, so you are bound to have a good time and some great coffee as well. In the past, people in Australia used to be the number one consumers of tea in the world, drinking an astonishing number of 15 cups per day in average. Today that has changed – coffee took center stage, and it’s yummy. While in Sydney try out the local special called the flat white. Sydney is said to be the up and coming food capital of the world and we couldn’t agree more.

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6. You’re Never Far from Nature

Although Sydney is a huge crowded metropolis, mostly covered by concrete, there is always a possibility for a field trip or a weekend escape to Royal National Park, Wollongong, Hunter Valley, Byron Bay, and other natural beauties.



7. The Laid-Back Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Sydney is relaxed and casual; and although Sydneysiders are very hardworking people, they also know how to have fun. The nightlife is buzzing with fantastic rooftop bars and clubs, typical local pubs and underground bars, but a midday beer or ice-cold vodka are not rare things either.



8. Great People

Sydney is full of different cultures and languages from all around the world, as there are so many travellers and foreign students. Thanks to this diversity, people here show great respect and tolerance of other cultures. Besides, the people are very positive, outgoing and fun. And have we already mentioned that Hugh Jackman is from Sydney?



9. Economical Stability

All jokes aside, one of the main reasons why people decide to move to Sydney is the economical stability. Of course, the city’s high cost of living can discourage many budget travellers from visiting it, but paychecks that locals earn justify these sky-high prices. So if Sydney wins you over and you decide to stay, getting a job shouldn’t be a problem and a good paycheck is in order as well.


10. Sydeney – Perfect for Settling Down

Finally, Sydney is not just a casual stop on a long road. It is the perfect place to settle down, start a family and raise kids. The city is full of play parks, museums, historic sites, and peaceful neighbourhoods. Sydney’s small neighbourhoods with community centres give the families all the benefits of a small city (mom groups, oriented activities, making new friendships), while still being close to an urban lifestyle. Also, Sydney is known for a great public school system.

If it is true that home is where your heart is, Sydney will surely steal your heart. Once you’ve experienced everything it has to offer, you’ll never want to leave.

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