Tioman – a dragon princess


Situated in the South China Sea, Tioman Island is shaped like a dragon with giant trees covering its central area of jungle. The dragon’s horns are in fact cliffs, with exotic birds circling in occasional mist. Legend has it that a dragon princess once stopped to rest here and decided to stay put, because the area was so beautiful. If you take your own princess along with you in the form of a female travel companion, perhaps you will have the same experience. The picture-postcard prettiness of the island’s best parts is clearly the main attraction of Tioman, with waterfalls, palm trees, tropical plants and multiple species of birds and mammals.


Underwater adventures and scenery – Tioman Island diving and snorkelling

Affordable and with incredible scenery, the island has a number of public beaches near all the villages, in addition to a number of private beaches in resorts. Tioman also offers adventure with impressive diving and snorkelling, including boat trips to explore the tropical coral reefs and teeming fish. The marine life is abundant and the underwater visibility is superb – even with a mask and snorkel from the surface, you will quickly see why Tioman is a popular scuba-diving Mecca. There are even two different species of turtles here and such scenery is best explored with a travel buddy, so as to share in the experience.


See Tioman jungle waterfalls with a travel companion

If you and your female travel companion are active people, it is also possible to go rock climbing with specialist equipment and support. To enjoy a more sedate yet impressive experience, you might like to visit one or two of the various waterfalls, where mountain streams gush over cliffs onto granite boulders, making attractive photo opportunities. Alternatively, a boat trip around the island is a great way to see all of the sights; some locations on the island simply cannot be reached by road! Jungle trekking is an option too, with some paths quite well established but unpaved, whereas others are level and easily accessible.


Relaxation and shopping with a holiday partner

If you prefer to switch off and be pampered, one or two resorts and hotels have spas that offer luxurious massages or a choice of body scrubs, wraps and grooming, as well as hand and feet treatments. How better to end a day than to both unwind by receiving some well-deserved wellness? Finally, larger stores in Tekek offer shopping, with duty-free wine, spirits and tobacco.


Enjoy Tioman Island with a female holiday companion

It is said that travel broadens the mind; with two for company, the planning and amazing experiences can also be shared. Travelling with a holiday partner lightens the load and helps you feel more secure too. In your chosen lodgings or hotel in Tioman, there will be opportunities to enjoy chatting about the great day, as well as bouncing ideas off each other if necessary for the next day – unless you prefer to totally relax with a spa session and rub down, or a day just admiring the beautiful beach and scenery.
One of the first steps towards an unforgettable holiday in Tioman is to decide whom you are going with.
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Travelling to Beautiful Bagan


The ancient area of Bagan is testament to the fact that Myanmar (also known as Burma) is still far from westernised. A 26-mile squared area is covered in Buddhist temples, pagodas, stupas and any ruins in between, many dating from the 11th and 12th century: Bagan is the ultimate time travelling experience. With only basic travel amenities, and although growing in popularity, this is one for backpackers who love to go back to basics. Find a like-minded female travel companion, team up, and go back in time.


Bagan history

An ancient capital of what would become modern Myanmar today, Bagan once hosted 10,000 Buddhist constructions, leaving over an impressive 2,200 today, many surviving hundreds of earthquakes. In 1990, local residents of ‘Old Bagan’ were forced to a working area of ‘New Bagan’ in preparation for a tourist influx. Here you can find cheap, clean hotels and religious centres. The biggest transport hub of the area, and also the one with the most hotel and dining options, is Nyaung-U located in the northeast corner. Most temples are located near Old Bagan, but it is not common to stay here.


What to do in Bagan

Coach tours supply tourists to most popular areas, but it is easy enough to find a soulless piece of history when exploring with a travel companion. Try renting a bike, taxi or even horse and cart and take a gander at the more deserted sites, such as the Buddha dedicated area of Pyathada Paya. Temples can range from behemoth constructions such as Ananda Pahto, while others offer more intimate details and breath-taking views across the land. The deserted nature of these areas create the perfect opportunity for small groups of travel companions to explore. Cut costs on taxis or keep an eye out for each other while cycling on the miles of dirt roads. You could even share a local guide to find the very unexplored parts of Bagan. If tempted to spend a little more cash, the temple views from a hot air balloon will let you and your holiday partner appreciate the sheer breadth of the ancient wonder that is Bagan.


Bagan – General tips

Because Myanmar has only recently been opened up to the tourist industry, and because Bagan is far from any of its larger cities, do not expect the level of travel amenities that you might on any normal holiday. Always take plenty of cash (the local kyat, or US dollars can always be exchanged) as ATMs are sparse, and keep the cash divvied up between you and your female travel companion. Also, apply for a visa before travelling. In addition, be aware that conservatism is expected at the religious temples; T-shirts and shorts can be seen as offensive, and covering arms and knees is a good rule of thumb. Further to this, women are forbidden from entering some temples. Because of their ancient nature, temple steps can be incredibly steep and lack any basic handrails. Having a travel buddy nearby will ensure that if you do attempt a dangerous climb, you won’t remain stranded if anything were to go wrong. Make sure to take plenty of water and food refreshments – cafés are charming but uncommon.
Bagan is a truly impressive sight, and anyone travelling to Myanmar should not leave without bearing witness to its unique beauty. Further options of hikes to Mount Popa or religious centres nearby make this the perfect chance for female travellers to swap ideas and explore its remote beauty together.
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Bali – Island of the Gods


There’s a good reason why Bali is called The Island of the Gods. With its glorious beaches, spectacular natural beauty, colourful ceremonies, vibrant culture and exciting nightlife, this small exotic Indonesian island is as near to paradise as it gets. Whether you like shopping in designer boutiques or haggling in local markets, being pampered in one of the many spas or prefer to go off the beaten track and explore ancient Hindu temples hidden in the jungle, a travel companion will help make it an unforgettable experience. Going on vacation with a travel buddy is safer and a lot more fun, so if your bestie is otherwise engaged and you are looking for a travel partner, our app Tourlina can help. It’s designed for women who don’t want to travel alone and can help you find a compatible female holiday partner. Let’s face it, sharing fabulous food or discovering Bali’s iconic landscape from the back of an elephant will be truly exciting with some like-minded company.


Bali’s impressive museums and up-market beach resorts

Bali has a magical vibe wherever you go. If you are a dedicated sun worshipper and avid surfer, Kuta with a five-mile stretch of pristine sand boasts the best beaches and is a magnet for surfers, but the best waves are at Uluwatu. North of Kuta is sophisticated Seminyak with its hip hotels, cool cafes and high-end shops. While far removed from the beach party scene is the town of Ubad in the heart of Bali. Ubad is Bali’s cultural centre famous for its museums, art galleries, crafts and traditional dance. You can learn to dance Balinese style every day for free in the Bali Marketplace. Far better than a selfie, get your Bali travel companion to take your photo to share with family and friends back home.


Exploring Bali’s natural beauty

Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, Ubad is a good jumping off spot to explore the island’s natural beauty. Within a short distance of the town, you and your Bali travel companion could stroll through terraced paddy fields dotted with some of the island’s estimated 10,000 temples or the Monkey Forest. Adrenaline junkies can try white water rafting or bungee jumping on the Ayung River or take a trek up Gunung Agung, Bali’s highest and holiest mountain, which is still an active volcano.


Far from the madding crowd

Many of Bali’s four million tourists choke the streets of Ubad and Kuta, but more peaceful attractions away from the crowds include Barat National Park with its prolific birdlife, fauna and animals including leopards and the endangered wild Javan buffalo. Gianyar has some of the Bali’s most important archeological sites and is home to the Bali Safari & Marine Park. Get your travel companion to take a snap for the album as you explore the park from the back of an elephant.
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Exploring Beautiful Borneo – only the Kalimantan area of Borneo belongs to Indonesia


The largest of all islands in Asia, Borneo is one of the most stunning holiday destinations that you could choose to travel to anywhere on the planet. The southern part of the island is known as Kalimantan and the temperatures are fairly constant in this part of southern Asia. Visiting at almost any time of year, you can expect highs of 30 degrees. Sunny weather is common, although December, January and February tend to be rainiest, on average. In most coastal towns, the sea breeze is enough to keep you cool, even when the sun gets hot. As a result of the even climate, you can usually find a female travel companion to meet up with and explore the island at any time of year. Borneo is considered safe so long as you take sensible precautions, but a travel companion can help you to feel at ease, especially if you head off the beaten track.


Urban Borneo

Although Borneo is often depicted as a tropical island paradise, it certainly has a lively urban vibe, too. Samarinda, with over 700,000 inhabitants, is the island’s largest city. Here is a place full of bars, hotels and restaurants, many of which occupy former colonial buildings in a kind of faded glory. However, you will also find traditional street markets, cinemas and a vibrant live music scene. Head to the Deja Vu club around midnight for some excitement. Further to the south is Borneo’s second city, Banjamarsin. Here, the Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque should not be missed because it is the city’s most famous landmark. On the west side of the city is a floating market which is well worth checking out, simply for the novelty of shopping from boats and jetties.


The Natural Beauty of Borneo

One of the major draws of Borneo for tourists of all types – and their travel buddies – is the large amount of flora that gives the island life. Borneo is home to one of the oldest rainforests in the world which is home to 3,000 species of tree alone. In this environment, many animal species have become specialists and could now only survive in their unique natural habitats. Probably the most famous of these species is the Bornean orangutan which is subject to many conservation project across the island. By supporting these, it is probably the best way to see them up close. In addition, the rainforest is home to species like wild Asian elephants, the Bornean clouded leopard and the dayak fruit bat. Some travellers are even able to spot the rare Sumatran rhinoceros, too. Most wildlife spotters choose to go on organised tours of the rainforest in order to minimise the disruption humans have upon the indigenous species. Given that the rainforest accounts for about 57 per cent of the land mass of the island, there is plenty to explore. Much of it is either swampy or mountainous, so a guide is really essential.
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Malaysia Highlight: Kuala Lumpur

What Does Kuala Lumpur Have to Offer?


Malaysia Highlight Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia Highlight: Kuala Lumpur – A travelers sightseeing and shopping tour through Kuala Lumpur

Often simply referred to as KL by the local population, Kuala Lumpur is a bustling city full of commerce and thrusting skyscrapers. Despite the city’s accent on business, it is a great place to explore, especially if you have a female travel companion with you. Getting around the city on your own, given its many six-lane motorways, can be tricky. So, finding a travel partner really does make sense. Having said that, English is widely spoken in the city and the local inhabitants are generally happy to stop and help you to find your way. The city is packed full of attractions such as the National Museum, the National Visual Arts Gallery and the National Monument. Kuala Lumpur is also famous for its landmarks and no visit to the city is complete without a trip to the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin buildings anywhere in the globe. Kuala Lumpur is also home to the Menara KL Tower, one of the highest free standing towers ever built. Despite the many large buildings, the city has some green open spaces to explore too, such as Lake Gardens, close to the Malaysian Parliament building, and Bukit Kiara, some delightful botanical gardens.


Cultural Kuala Lumpur

As might be expected of a capital city, Kuala Lumpur is the cultural centre of the country. One of the best times to come to the city is during the annual arts festival, known as DiverseCity. Theatrical productions include traditional Malay dancing, often performed to the sound of gamelan gongs. However, if you and your travel companion prefer comedy or jazz, then these elements make up part of the festival, as well. At other times of the year, Kuala Lumpur has plenty to offer, too. There is a tradition of street art in the city, best exemplified by the graffiti at places like the Klang river bank and the walls of Pasar Seni. For a more traditional cultural experience, then why not try out one of the productions at the Panggung Bandaraya theatre, near the Merdeka Square, which has been running for over a century? For travellers looking for a gig to attend, then head to the Bee Publika. This venue boasts some top-quality bookings drawn from both local bands and international acts.


Retail Therapy

Kuala Lumpur is home to some of the best and most modern shopping malls in south east Asia. Nevertheless, a trip to Chinatown is definitely worth it for a more exciting shopping experience. The busy streets of this part of the city really reflect Kuala Lumpur’s rich heritage. Much of Chinatown is crammed with market stalls that sell a wide range of wares. Looking for a reproduction designer handbag or a pair of shoes? Then head to the covered market at Jalan Petaling, easily accessed from Chinatown. Kasturi Walk is another bustling market worth seeking out. This typically Asian flea market, which is open air, runs along Jalan Kasturi. Situated in Bukit Bintang district, the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Shopping Mall is a modern development with several flagships stores that is set over multiple storeys, providing a distinct alternative.


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A Kuala Lumpur Tour:

Kuala Lumpur - Merdeka Square
Kuala Lumpur – Merdeka Square
Kuala Lumpur - Royal King's Palace Istana Negara
Kuala Lumpur – Royal King’s Palace Istana Negara
Kuala Lumpur - China Town
Kuala Lumpur – China Town
The "muddy confluence" which gave Kuala Lumpur its name
The “muddy confluence” which gave Kuala Lumpur its name
Kuala Lumpur - shopping malls
Kuala Lumpur – shopping malls
Kuala Lumpur - Suria KLCC shopping mall
Kuala Lumpur – Suria KLCC shopping mall

Vietnam Highlight: Phu Quoc Island

Vietnam’s Phu Quoc Island Paradise


Vietnam Highlight - Phu Quoc
Vietnam Highlight – Phu Quoc

With some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, it’s surprising that more people don’t know about Phu Quoc Island – but that’s all about to change. Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, this tropical paradise is one of the tourist industry’s best kept secrets. Some 50kms from the Vietnamese mainland and part of an archipelago of 22 islands, it is ringed by bays of white sand and turquoise waters. More than half of the island is covered with jungle and mountains, with fishing villages and fancy resorts dotting its stunning coastline. However change is on the horizon for this once-sleepy backwater with extensive tourist development planned by 2020. If you want to experience this idyllic beach escape, going with a travel companion could be so much more fun. Sharing costs can work out cheaper and it’s also safer when going to destinations a bit off the beaten track. Some people don’t like travelling alone; that’s why we have developed our app Tourlina for women seeking an interesting female travel companion. After all, having someone along can make your vacation a more exciting and unforgettable experience.


Phu Quoc is a favourite with beach lovers from around the globe

Phu Quoc is the largest of all Vietnam’s islands. At 48 kilometres long, you can drive from north to south in an hour or so. Most of the coastline in the north is untouched and this part of the island is heavily forested and includes Phu Quoc National Park, popular for hiking, wildlife viewing and motor biking. Most tourists head to Bai Truong, Long Beach and Tran Hung Dao where most of the hotels are located. Phu Quoc is a favourite for sun seekers wanting to get away from it all, kick back and relax and this isn’t surprising because the beaches are second to none. Most of the resorts are along the palm-lined southwest coast. Two of the island’s prettiest beaches are Sao and Dam, near An Thoi, the fishing town on the island’s southern tip, a jumping off point to visit the small islands to the south of Phu Quoc.


Phu Quoc has something for everyone

Having a travelling companion comes in handy for slapping on the sunscreen, but if you get fed up soaking up the rays and are feeling a bit more adventurous there’s plenty for you and your travel buddy to do. The average water temperature is 75 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you and your travel companion like aquatic fun, Phu Quoc’s ideal weather and calm waters are ideal for water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, jet-skiing and wind sailing popular. The best places to find these are resorts on Long Beach and on Bao Sao beach at My Lan Resort. After a day at the beach, Phu Quoc has other entertainment options to tempt you and your holiday companion including bars, restaurants and nightclubs and there will be more as tourism develops. If you like to soak up local atmosphere, look no further than Duong Dong’s lively market. In the centre of the island, Duong Dong is the largest town and is the best area for shopping.


If you are looking for a holiday partner to join you at this tropical paradise, download our app Tourlina.


Phu Quoc’s Long Beach:

Phu Quoc - Long Beach
Phu Quoc – Long Beach
Phu Quoc - Long Beach
Phu Quoc – Long Beach
Phu Quoc - Long Beach
Phu Quoc – Long Beach
Phu Quoc - Resort at Long Beach
Phu Quoc – Resort at Long Beach

Scooter trip to the North of Phu Quoc:

Phu Quoc - scooter trip
Phu Quoc – scooter trip
Phu Quoc - scooter trip
Phu Quoc – scooter trip
Phu Quoc - scooter trip
Phu Quoc – scooter trip
Phu Quoc - scooter trip
Phu Quoc – scooter trip
Phu Quoc - Resort
Phu Quoc – Resort
Hotel terrace
Hotel terrace

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