Croatia – 10 Best Things To Do

Croatia - 10 best things to do
Croatia – 10 best things to do



Croatia has been one of my favourite countries out of all the places that I have visited, and it’s not hard to see why with its gorgeous coastline, cheap prices and rich histories. I went from where’s Croatia to I need to go back to Croatia in ten days after my initial trip and went back again a few months later. There are a lot of hard contenders for 10 best things to do in Croatia, but here’s the list of my personal top 10 experiences:


1. Walk along Dubrovnik’s old city wall

Dubrovnik City Wall, Dubrovnik, Croatia | Croatia - 10 things to do
Take a chic photo with Dubrovnik as backdrop!

Dubrovnik is one of the prettiest cities I have ever visited, with its gray stone walls and orange tile roof. There is no better way to admire this medieval city than walking along its stone walls. The origin of these stone walls came from the fact that the city did not have an army, and the walls are their only protective measure against invasion. The wall extends over a whopping 1,940 meters, and gives you an unparalleled view of the entire city and the Adriatic Sea.


2. Cycle around Mljet National Park

Mjlet National Park, Mljet, Croatia | Croatia - 10 things to do
The clear water at Mjet National Park

Mljet is an island situated in the waters between Split and Dubrovnik. Almost the entire island is part of the national park, it consists of two lagoons linked via a small canal to each other and the sea, and the best way to get around is to cycle around it. We spent a whole day in this park, seeking out secluded spots to swim in and soaking up the gorgeous sceneries.


3. Drink Sangria under the Peristyle at Split

Diocleatian Palace, Split, Croatia | Croatia - 10 things to do
Enjoy a cocktail in the Diocletian Palace

Ok, so it doesn’t have to be Sangria, but have a drink under the Paristyle in Diocletian Palace in the evening sipping a drink while you listen to the live music is definitely a different kind of experience. It’s not every day you get to sit on the doorstep of a former Roman Empire’s Palace with strangers and sway along to some classic tunes.


4. Take a boat trip from Split

Boat trip from Split, Split, Croatia | Croatia - 10 things to do
Girls’ day out from Split!

Split is the center from which many Croatian islands can be reached, and there is no limit to where you can go for a day trip from there. You have the gorgeous Brac with its vast expanse of sand, the more secluded Bisevo and the famous blue cave as well as Hvar and its old town. In fact, you can hit a lot of famous locales if you find the right tour! We ended up going on the best ultimate boat trip from Split on a speed boat that got three days’ worth of tangles in our hair and an unforgettable day.


5. Climb on a cannon at the Spanish Fort at Hvar Town

For Sofia, Hvar Town, Hvar, Croatia | Croatia - 10 things to do
The glorious view from Fort Sofia

Hvar is but one of the many islands you can visit from Split, and its name is mostly made from being the party island around the region. However, Hvar is not short of history to tell as well; the Spanish Fort at Hvar Town was built in the 16th century against the Spanish, and while the Fort lacks exhibitions and decoration, its view of the city more than made up for anything else. There are cannons dotted around the fort along the walls, and we couldn’t resist climbing onto one for fun!


6. Swim in front of the Skardiskin Most in Krka National Park

Skradiskin Most Krka National Park, Croatia | Croatia 10 best things to do
Skradiskin Most Krka National Park

While most people are obsessed with Plitvice National Park, the memory of swimming in the Skardiskin waterfall in Krka National Park remains fonder in my mind than visiting the former. With equally beautiful colours contrasting with the gleaming yellow limestone platform, it’s hard to resist taking a dip even though swimming against the current from the waterfall is no easy feat!


7. Visit Plitvice National Park

Plitvice National Park, Croatia | Croatia - 10 things to do
hanging out in paradise!

Even though I do prefer the time I spent at Krka National Park, there’s no question that Plitvice is out of this world. My experience was slightly dampened by the bad weather, but even in the rain, Plitvice National Park’s beauty is unrivalled. With 16 lakes and several carefully planned routes for you to choose from, you can easily find the path that would make the most out of your schedule.


8. Be dazzled by the Sun Salutation in Zadar at night

Sun Salutation at Zadar, Croatia | Croatia - 10 things to do
Shine bright like a diamond… I mean disco

While the Roman ruins in Zadar had been fascinating, it was the Sun Salutation that drew me to visit this city. It is a modern installation by a local architect as part of the effort to transform the sea front that was heavily damaged during WWII. During the day, it’s nothing more than a circular expanse of bright blue tiles; but at night, the tiles came to life with the solar powers they absorbed throughout the day and ignite in techno-colours.


9. Stand inside the Pula Arena

Inside Pula Arena at night | Croatia 10 best things to do
Inside Pula Arena at night

One of the largest remaining Roman Amphitheaters around the world, the Pula Arena might not be as well preserved as the one in Verona, it is still an impressive sight facing the sea. Built in the 1st century AD, it is almost two thousand years old! And it makes for some stunning photo opportunities.


10. Eat as much seafood as you can

Lobster pasta at Croatia | Croatia - 10 things to do
Lobster pasta, anyone?

Being a country that is near the sea, seafood is without a doubt on the menu of every restaurant in cities along the coast. Put on the affordable price tag and I can guarantee that you wouldn’t even want to leave the country. Tuna steak, mussels, calamari – my mouth waters just thinking about the amazing food that I had.


If you are interested in more about Croatia or any of the activities above – I have written more about Croatia in my own blog Laugh Travel Eat. Visit my Croatia archive for more information.


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Croatia - top 10 things to do
Croatia – top 10 things to do